Sigma Identity recognises and authenticates a person’s identity through behaviour, voice and physical traits such as signature and face features among others. This is achieved by using Sigma Technology’s proprietary Pattern Recognition development, a world-class leader in the field.

The result is a product that provides the highest level of accuracy in identity recognition, which achieves to improve security by hugely reducing the risks of identity theft and fraud by utilizing a myriad variety of processes to better identifying people.



Sigma Identity is a scalable and modular technology that can be integrated into any process, on any platform and within any organisation as an added bolt-on layer. The product is delivered to each organisation in accordance with their specific needs, and also takes into consideration the end user’s experience. The use cases are multiple. One example would be to help an organisation in the process of identifying every single customer and employee. Another example would be to allow a business to recognise and identify a person within audio-visual content, and as a consequence being able to spot that identity from within hundreds or even thousands of hours recorded.